My problem with WordPress.

You know what. There’s no point in building this up. Let's nip this in the butt and address the elephant in the room. My biggest issue with WordPress is…


There. I said it. It’s the world’s most popular server programming language in use today, used by 75% of all web servers. And I tolerate it.

Why do I have beef with PHP?

Well, it all started about two or three months ago in November of 2016. I was learning web development in order to make my design portfolio website. My initial idea was to build it behind WordPress so I started learning how to make custom themes. In the process, I had started coding PHP for the themes and realized my demise. When I write PHP, I feel like I’m dancing with a corpse. There is no life to it. It is a dead carcass that only reacts when shaken. And so shortly after, I sought alternative resources to learn web development.

That’s when I came to the wonderful folks at FreeCodeCamp. Their program is based fully on JavaScript programming. And let me tell you, as I am learning JavaScript, I LIKE IT. Yeah, I’m saying it loud and proud because JS gets a lot of flak for reasons I’m not quite sure of. I often hear that many in the tech community don’t enjoy JS development.

So with that in mind, I have decided to take JS as far as I can. I will eventually migrate this blog to a completely JavaScript-based ecosystem.

This year my plan is to learn as much about JS and it’s popular frameworks as possible, so that I can make something of a career out of development. Here’s my 2017 dev to-do list:

  • Learn Vanilla JavaScript to competency
  • Learn to work with ReactJS and Node.js
  • Learn full stack development with the M.E.R.N. Stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js)
  • Learn to work with Git, Github, versioning, and a modern dev workflow
  • Build some basic web apps (e.g. – to-do list app, extension for Reddit, etc.)
  • Start working with React Native to learn mobile app development
  • Contribute to an open-source project (e.g. – Anki)
  • Learn a bit of Python
  • Blog about my progress and hold myself publicly accountable

UPDATE as of December 2017: okay so I didn't get it all done yet, but quite a bit was accomplished. I am proud of my progress!

As for that last point on the list, I would encourage more people to publicly log their progress and accomplishments. The fact that you have to come out and say something keeps you more motivated to do it. I got the idea from a guy named Alexander Kallaway when he spoke on CodeNewbie. Which reminds me:

I would like to give the CodeNewbie Podcast a shout-out. It has been very inspiring to hear stories of other developers and how they got to where they are in there coding journeys. I enjoy the talks, and the host, Saron, along with her guest(s) reference a lot of learning and productivity resources near the end of each episode.

I’ve got a React workshop coming up that spans three Saturdays and a Node workshop in February so I am excited to see where my journey will lead. I will post more once I have made some progress. Until then,

My problem with WordPress.
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