Obviously, while you are busy downloading all of these, consider that there’s usually a podcast for anything you are interested in. Just do a few searches or browse the different categories. It’s also easier to find Japanese podcasts if you change your iTunes store country to Japan. Here’s what I have been playing to immerse myself (even if I’m not fully engaged):

  • NHKラジオニュース
    So yeah, I am not particularly fond of this one. I even had to take a break from it before coming back to it because it’s kind of dull. It’s like a basic news report, and they’re always covering American and Japanese politics. You’re probably wondering why I listed it first. Well, that’s because they post like five podcasts a day. They’re just good to have playing in the background. I usually spread them out and sprinkle them between the other podcasts I have on so I don’t have to constantly listen to the same few people talk.
  • ザ・ボイス そこまで言うか!
    This one is just like the NHK one covering news and politics. They post frequently, maybe 3–4x a week. Once again, this one is just makes decent background noise.
  • ジロ★キチ会議
    A two man variety show starring Jiro and Kichi! They talk on a variety of things. I generally have no idea what they are talking about aha! Their speech is very casual. And it seems like they use Osaka-ben or some sort of dialect when they talk. Maybe I’m wrong and just not use to the way the talk. Anyway, interesting voices and good for immersion.
  • 白と水色のカーネーション|音楽ポッドキャスト
    I have been listening to this podcast the longest. Hosted by a guy and a girl. They showcase indie bands and music usually found in the depths of SoundCloud. They generally do not plug Japanese music either. I’d say a good 4/5 times, the artists are either European or American. They also talk about a variety of topics throughout the show. It is just a very homey podcast– like listening to your good friends have a conversation.
  • テレビゲームの中林 – ALFA ポッドキャスト
    Two funny guys host this one. I love listening to them talk. They sound like they would be really chill to meet in person. The show’s all about video games.
  • げ~むカフェ
    Two or three male hosts. Sound quality isn’t too great. It sounds like they are talking on the phone. But still a good one for background noise.
  • @ちゃんねるラジオ
    From anime to games to movies. You name it. I’m pretty sure it’s just one guy doing the whole thing (I could be wrong though). Easy to listen to, and sometimes episodes span 1.5–2 hours.
  • フォトラリズム – Photoralism –
    A few guys talking about photography. I like the atmosphere they have on the show.
  • そこ☆あに
    Anime talk radio. If you like anime, there ya go.
  • 狭くて浅いやつら
    One female host that talks about games, music, anime, and movies. Usually these are pretty short, but she is very professional with her speech. A good addition to the entertainment podcast spectrum.
  • Lastly, here’s a few more. I just recently subscribed to these so I don’t know too much about them.