Jesse Barkdoll thinks he is a pretty swell guy. He currently is a web and software developer at Fontspring who sometimes builds full-stack apps for kicks. He acquired a passion for programming and code using resources like freeCodeCamp and Udemy to learn JavaScript and Python. He is also a [human] language nerd and aspiring polyglot who immerses heavily in Japanese content in order to acquire fluency via AJATT and Stephen Krashen's input hypothesis. Other passions belonging to Jesse include music composition/performance, audio engineering, film, visual art, animation, and design. He loves to build things. He is a maker.

Most importantly, Jesse is a follower of Jesus Christ, and he wants every person in the world to understand how desperately we need Jesus' love and grace. Jesse's true purpose is to show Jesus' love to every person on the planet no matter their differences or opinions of him. In fact, I will love you too!