So we are hitting mid-December and 2018 is around the corner. I have been thinking of the things I long for, things that have previously been in my life that need to make a comeback. Music is the most obvious of those. I have not played any music or practiced any instruments seriously since my pre-university years (maybe 5-6 years ago). Being done school I feel it is time to bring audial joy back into my life, specifically with the piano. I have been inspired by the likes of the two greatest YouTube anime pianists, Animenz and the Theishter.

Learning Japanese has taught me a lot about reaching my goals. And I am going to apply some progressive AJATT techniques to piano practice.

Since I have mainly played violin in the past, I also really want to pick up my violin again. I plan on practicing some string parts alongside my piano journey and possibly working out some good arrangements to meld these two instruments together.

And so 2018 will be the year I aspire as an anison-arrangement piano and violin player —casually of course.